Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Real Time Captures of Developed Environment

Bridge in Yosemite Valley, California. Sprouting out from a common birth place, learning curves lead to the heights of power atop the mountains.

Glass studio for Miranda Kerr's modelling business where she can practice her catwalk for all to see.

Miranda Kerr's elevator floats down from her life in a bubble to the elevated meeting spot. The red balloon indicates where the meeting is and is a tool for communication. Click for further information about THE MEETING SPOT and THE TABLE AND CHAIRS.

Helen Keller's studio where she can practice her speeches. The triangular funnel amplifies the sound out of the inner pyramid. The sound then can travel down the arch to the podium at the bottom of the valley.

Riding Helen Keller's elevator. Enclosed within the bridge for safety she requires no view. The elevator slots into her studio and has safety walls so she can find her way in and out of the elevator to the studio. The elevator may be slid back into the arch tunnel so she can access the plateau where her studio is situated.

For further information on the conceptual designs CLICK HERE

Real Time Videos of the Elevators in action

Helen Keller's elevator - a bit bumpy due to multiple coordinates to move through the curve, easement and speed was adjusted to give the smoothest ride possible.

Miranda Kerr's elevator - unable to capture the full sequence in the given time frame as again the speed was slowed to give a smoother ride following the curved arch.

Fully Developed Crysis Wars

To access the fully developed Crysis Wars Environment CLICK HERE

Starting point is at her studio.
P=Moves from studio to valley floor.
O=Moves from valley floor to studio.
U=Moves elevator into arch tunnel to access outside area from studio, press U again and it will return to original position.

Starting point is beneath her studio on arch.
L=Moves elevator from beneath arch to atop arch next to studio.
K= Moves elevator from studio to valley floor.
J=Moves elevator from valley floor to studio.
H=Moves elevator from studio back to beneath arch/starting point.

Textures used in model

Reaction 2 - The bridge

The bridge sprouts up out of the foundational base (the beginning of life) as a 'reaction' resulting in the two power leaders, Keller and Kerr.

Force 4 - The Podium

This is the meeting point, where all the forces meet, the powerful people and the bridge that holds them up. All exert pressure on the podium.

Scalar 2 - Helen Keller's Studio

Her power accelerated as she increased her skills from being a deaf mute.

Inertia 2 - Helen Keller's Elevator

This slides down inside the bridge keeping it's passengers safe.

Rotaional 3 -Miranda Kerr's Studio

This swirls and turns as she would when practising her catwalk in her studio.

Rotational 2 - Miranda Kerr's Elevator

The bubble can freely rotate as it floats down to 'earth'.

The World - The globe chairs

Keller and Kerr 'sit' on the world influencing all with their power.

http://www.clker.com/cliparts/1/6/4/e/11970968301753069796bessan_World_Map.svg.hi.png [accessed 12 June 2010]

Sketch up Model at 3D Google Warehouse

The Meeting Place

Miranda Kerr's Studio and Elevator

Looking across the bridge from Miranda Kerr's studio to Helen Keller's Studio

Helen Keller's Studio and Elevator

Bird's eye view of the bridge

The Bridge Exp 3

To access model CLICK HERE
The Bridge

The Elevators and Dining Table

Miranda Kerr's elevator is to the right. She floats down to the meeting place in a bubble, reflective of her glamorous yet out of touch/surreal lifestyle which is far from ordinary. The red balloon indicates to her where the meeting is to be held.

Helen Keller's elevator is hidden from front view and is within the bridge cavity. This is to protect her from falling from her elevator and is regarded as a very safe way for her at arrive at the meeting place. She does not need a view from her ride. The red balloon is a tool for communication for Helen.

Both clients arrive at the meeting point from the sides of the podium, as if on a stage with side entrances. The podium acts to elevate them enough off the ground to separate them from ground level to signify their power and provide a sense of occasion. They have equal and opposing power types and so they arrive from opposite sides of the podium. The table and chairs are simple, they do not need to be large to reflect their power, both women are forward thinking and do not have an authorative approach to power which might require a large table. The table is also left bare and neutral so that their ideas may be placed there in their purity without external influences. Further explanation is found under The Table.

Peer Review

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Table

The meeting point is an amalgamation of Keller and Kerr's individuality which is reflected in their studios. The chairs are spheres, these represent the world and when they sit on them it conjures up the influence and power they hold over people. The chairs are also useful to them as they both work extremely hard and long hours to maintain that power. Miranda can use hers as an exercise ball whilst for Helen it will help her develop her balance, most people with hearing loss experience some difficulties with balance. The table is the upturned pyramid, a sign of strength and longevity. The three sided triangle is representative of religion and spirituality, a symbol of the holy trinity within christianity. Helen is very religious and this will influence the way she uses her power, Miranda is more spiritual but still seeks this in maintaining her influence. The balloon is a symbol of communication, for Miranda it helps her know where the meeting is as she is usually led like a puppet around the world modelling and for Helen it is a tool (Sir Alexander Ewing was very influential in the early 20th century in teaching the deaf to speak, one method used was feeling the vibrations of sound on the balloon's surface and then replicating it). This is pertinent as Miranda may not wish to have Helen's hands ruining her makeup as she feels her face for the shapes and vibrations of speech.

The Bridge in Sketchup

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Draft of Bridge and Studios

This is the bridge. At the base there will be a plinth based on a square based prism. There are 3 basic geometric shapes which are the foundations of our world and I have used these to represent power.

The square based plinth will be at the base and is the foundation stone upon which 'power' grows and sprouts from, it is the most basic shape. It represents the birthplace/starting point/most basic morals and it is shared by the two clients as a common connection. The arches represent growth as both clients had to work hard towards achieving the power they hold, yet in quite different and opposing ways.

Miranda Kerr's studio is set upon a pinnacle hill, a precarious place to be. Her power is founded on beauty and as such could be destroyed at any moment. Her studio is a glass bubble. It protects her from falling as she practices her catwalk from one end to the other in view of all to see (I haven't found a way to replicate glass for transportation into sandbox). Sight is critical to her power as it is based on external beauty.

Her elevator is also a bubble from which she will float down to the meeting point on the plinth and is located below the arch/bubble and will rise to collect her before transporting her. As in her life, she will be fussed around and is rather out of touch with normality. Outside her bubble she is able to use some of the arch as a walkway. This reflects the precarious power she retains, one wrong step and it could all be lost.

Helen Keller's studio is still under development. It is based on a pyramid. The triangle is the strongest shape and the pyramid has a broad base. This reflects the power she has which is built through determination, study and hard work. It is simple unlike Miranda's glamorous bubble. Beauty is not important to Helen as she cannot see. The apex of the pyramid is sharp and reminds us of our sense of touch which Helen relies on most of all in her world. I wish to attempt to have Helen's lift inside the arch where she will be protected from falling, if I can't make that work then she will follow the arch which will act as her guide in the open and feel the breeze on her cheeks.

Elevator Ride - First Person

I took an elevator ride on my E perspective and captured images at the top, the middle and near the ground level. I didn't have a lot of room to move around in and the E blocked much of the view that could have been seen. This was a good test though for me to think about the view that can be gained depending on the design of the elevator and also if rotation is a possibility. From the highest point I felt powerful as I looked over everything below as if I was in control of it. As I got lower down I could see greater detail and enjoy the intricacy of some of the textures. It is somewhat reflective of power in general - the higher up you go the more of an overview you get and you control the general picture, the positions lower down an organisation chart you are more involved in detail and less concerned with the overall picture.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

E Perspective in Sandbox


In studio we discussed what braille and braille books look like:

http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/keller/life/braille.gif [accessed 4 June 2010]

http://www.accesslinx.com/Braille.jpg [accessed 8 June 2010]

Yosemite Valley in Sandbox 2

Yosemite Valley, Central California

At the center of the Yosemite National Park, 1,200 square miles of wilderness set aside in 1890 for the preservation of the Sierra Navada, is the Yosemite Valley. This half mile deep depression was formed by glaciers during the last ice age. Now abundant with lakes, meadows, granite summits, 3,000 feet domes and three of the world's highest waterfalls. A valley of magnificence and built with the power of nature.

http://www.nationalparkreservations.com/info/yosemite/index.php [accessed 8 June 2010]

Monday, June 7, 2010

Crossing the divide

Some bridges to think about ...

The Copenhagen Harbor Arches:

The Sustrans Thames project, proposed for London:

http://whttp://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/image_galleries/spans_bridges_exhibition_gallery.shtml?4ww.trendir.com/ultra-modern/architecture/?start=5 [accessed 7 June 2010]

Futuristic solar powered bridge proposal with vertical farm:

http://inhabitat.com/2009/07/15/vertical-farm-for-futuristic-london-bridge/[accessed 7 June 2010]

A bridge in Valencia, Spain:

http://image55.webshots.com/155/6/54/98/2369654980012276533gRBmBZ_ph.jpg [accessed 7 June 2010]

Buildings of strength

The Pyramids, timeless:

http://www.dirjournal.com/info/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/egyptian_pyramids_in_giza_egyp.jpg [accessed 7 June 2010]

Proposal for a carbon neutral city in Dubai - Pyramids of the future:

http://www.worldarchitecturenews.com/index.php?fuseaction=wanappln.projectview&upload_id=10224 [accessed 7 June 2010]

Sauerland Pyramids, Lennestadt, Germany, reduce electromagnetic pollution:

Herzog and de Meuron's Le Projet Triangle due 2014 in Porte de Versailles, Paris:

http://www.trendhunter.com/photos/26666 [accessed 7 June 2010]

And of course the lovely Louvre: