Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Real Time Captures of Developed Environment

Bridge in Yosemite Valley, California. Sprouting out from a common birth place, learning curves lead to the heights of power atop the mountains.

Glass studio for Miranda Kerr's modelling business where she can practice her catwalk for all to see.

Miranda Kerr's elevator floats down from her life in a bubble to the elevated meeting spot. The red balloon indicates where the meeting is and is a tool for communication. Click for further information about THE MEETING SPOT and THE TABLE AND CHAIRS.

Helen Keller's studio where she can practice her speeches. The triangular funnel amplifies the sound out of the inner pyramid. The sound then can travel down the arch to the podium at the bottom of the valley.

Riding Helen Keller's elevator. Enclosed within the bridge for safety she requires no view. The elevator slots into her studio and has safety walls so she can find her way in and out of the elevator to the studio. The elevator may be slid back into the arch tunnel so she can access the plateau where her studio is situated.

For further information on the conceptual designs CLICK HERE

Real Time Videos of the Elevators in action

Helen Keller's elevator - a bit bumpy due to multiple coordinates to move through the curve, easement and speed was adjusted to give the smoothest ride possible.

Miranda Kerr's elevator - unable to capture the full sequence in the given time frame as again the speed was slowed to give a smoother ride following the curved arch.

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