Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Elevators and Dining Table

Miranda Kerr's elevator is to the right. She floats down to the meeting place in a bubble, reflective of her glamorous yet out of touch/surreal lifestyle which is far from ordinary. The red balloon indicates to her where the meeting is to be held.

Helen Keller's elevator is hidden from front view and is within the bridge cavity. This is to protect her from falling from her elevator and is regarded as a very safe way for her at arrive at the meeting place. She does not need a view from her ride. The red balloon is a tool for communication for Helen.

Both clients arrive at the meeting point from the sides of the podium, as if on a stage with side entrances. The podium acts to elevate them enough off the ground to separate them from ground level to signify their power and provide a sense of occasion. They have equal and opposing power types and so they arrive from opposite sides of the podium. The table and chairs are simple, they do not need to be large to reflect their power, both women are forward thinking and do not have an authorative approach to power which might require a large table. The table is also left bare and neutral so that their ideas may be placed there in their purity without external influences. Further explanation is found under The Table.

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