Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Table

The meeting point is an amalgamation of Keller and Kerr's individuality which is reflected in their studios. The chairs are spheres, these represent the world and when they sit on them it conjures up the influence and power they hold over people. The chairs are also useful to them as they both work extremely hard and long hours to maintain that power. Miranda can use hers as an exercise ball whilst for Helen it will help her develop her balance, most people with hearing loss experience some difficulties with balance. The table is the upturned pyramid, a sign of strength and longevity. The three sided triangle is representative of religion and spirituality, a symbol of the holy trinity within christianity. Helen is very religious and this will influence the way she uses her power, Miranda is more spiritual but still seeks this in maintaining her influence. The balloon is a symbol of communication, for Miranda it helps her know where the meeting is as she is usually led like a puppet around the world modelling and for Helen it is a tool (Sir Alexander Ewing was very influential in the early 20th century in teaching the deaf to speak, one method used was feeling the vibrations of sound on the balloon's surface and then replicating it). This is pertinent as Miranda may not wish to have Helen's hands ruining her makeup as she feels her face for the shapes and vibrations of speech.

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