Thursday, June 10, 2010

Draft of Bridge and Studios

This is the bridge. At the base there will be a plinth based on a square based prism. There are 3 basic geometric shapes which are the foundations of our world and I have used these to represent power.

The square based plinth will be at the base and is the foundation stone upon which 'power' grows and sprouts from, it is the most basic shape. It represents the birthplace/starting point/most basic morals and it is shared by the two clients as a common connection. The arches represent growth as both clients had to work hard towards achieving the power they hold, yet in quite different and opposing ways.

Miranda Kerr's studio is set upon a pinnacle hill, a precarious place to be. Her power is founded on beauty and as such could be destroyed at any moment. Her studio is a glass bubble. It protects her from falling as she practices her catwalk from one end to the other in view of all to see (I haven't found a way to replicate glass for transportation into sandbox). Sight is critical to her power as it is based on external beauty.

Her elevator is also a bubble from which she will float down to the meeting point on the plinth and is located below the arch/bubble and will rise to collect her before transporting her. As in her life, she will be fussed around and is rather out of touch with normality. Outside her bubble she is able to use some of the arch as a walkway. This reflects the precarious power she retains, one wrong step and it could all be lost.

Helen Keller's studio is still under development. It is based on a pyramid. The triangle is the strongest shape and the pyramid has a broad base. This reflects the power she has which is built through determination, study and hard work. It is simple unlike Miranda's glamorous bubble. Beauty is not important to Helen as she cannot see. The apex of the pyramid is sharp and reminds us of our sense of touch which Helen relies on most of all in her world. I wish to attempt to have Helen's lift inside the arch where she will be protected from falling, if I can't make that work then she will follow the arch which will act as her guide in the open and feel the breeze on her cheeks.

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