Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Textures used in model

Reaction 2 - The bridge

The bridge sprouts up out of the foundational base (the beginning of life) as a 'reaction' resulting in the two power leaders, Keller and Kerr.

Force 4 - The Podium

This is the meeting point, where all the forces meet, the powerful people and the bridge that holds them up. All exert pressure on the podium.

Scalar 2 - Helen Keller's Studio

Her power accelerated as she increased her skills from being a deaf mute.

Inertia 2 - Helen Keller's Elevator

This slides down inside the bridge keeping it's passengers safe.

Rotaional 3 -Miranda Kerr's Studio

This swirls and turns as she would when practising her catwalk in her studio.

Rotational 2 - Miranda Kerr's Elevator

The bubble can freely rotate as it floats down to 'earth'.

The World - The globe chairs

Keller and Kerr 'sit' on the world influencing all with their power.

http://www.clker.com/cliparts/1/6/4/e/11970968301753069796bessan_World_Map.svg.hi.png [accessed 12 June 2010]

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