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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mash up - The Power of Communication

Diminuitive in the imposing vastness of her office, she outsmarted phalanxes of gray-haired, gray-suited machine politicians. The face of David Jones is almost unrecognisable as she holds a smoking cigarette, her bare chest exposed. Something was ready to explode inside of her because she could not make people understand her. (She) has the ability to make her personality and priorities count on a global stage. But what, exactly, does she want to do with her power? And how will she go about doing it?

She went "au naturel" to raise awareness about koalas. Making simple signs with her hands was not enough. "You could certainly say I have never underestimated myself," she says with a smile that in another context could only be described as kittenish. "There's nothing wrong with being ambitious." Photo shoots indicated she wants to be taken seriously but the doctor said he could do nothing to help. He suggested a teacher for the blind who could teach (her) to communicate. The job was long and difficult. She was quick to learn, but was also quick in anger. Critics argued that she was doing too little, too slowly and that her efforts were targeted at the wrong industries. She was ready to learn but she had no idea what the words meant.

Suddenly the whole mystery of language seemed clear to her. Some sense of (her) priorities can be gleaned from her Nov 3 speech to Congress with its heartfelt and moving thanks and tributes to the Catholic Church in which she embraces a nun and the Dalai Lama. It's risque, like a naughty school girl, those first days when (she) developed the ability to talk. But they proved to be just the beginning of her many successes. She's got that very sweet side that we've seen here in Australia but when you go overseas, (she) has more power than any leader on the continent.

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